Surrounding Area


An area rich in history and culture like that of Fiesole presents a great variety of monuments and places of culture, history and art. Walking through both the main street and the charming interior streets, you will encounter architectures and pictorial decorations that are often rare documents of the taste and culture of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Churches and Religious buildings

Archeology and Museum

The archaeological sites of the Fiesole area bring to light the glorious past of the Etruscan lucumony, the Roman colony and the Longobard fiefdom.

Grazie all’impressionante area archeologica di epoca romana ed alle evidenti tracce della città etrusca, Fiesole può essere considerata una sorta di museo a cielo aperto. I pezzi di maggior valore sono visibili agli occhi dei visitatori camminando per la cittadina e non è un caso che I Musei di Fiesole ospitano le collezioni e le esposizioni dei reperti e delle opere d’arte raccolte nei secoli sul territorio fiesolano, conservando il ricchissimo patrimonio di suppellettili ed oggetti che questa città ha prodotto nei secoli.


 Fiesole has a wide range of environments that allow you to live in nature: not only the vast hilly areas covered with forests and forest that make the happiness of hikers and lovers of trekking, but also urban green spaces, which give the city of Fiesole a particularly relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Park and Gardens

 The monumental villas of Fiesole have Italian parks and monumental gardens, natural sceneries where the green blends with the ancient statues, the fountains and the amazing perspective effects created by the greatest Italian architects.


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